Soul Delights: Genesis 8

Flood, Under Fire

Read Genesis 6-9.

Genesis 8:1 (NIV): “But God remembered Noah and all the wild animals and the livestock that were with him in the ark, and he sent a wind over the earth, and the waters.”

One issue that is often raised against Christianity is Noah’s Ark and the Flood. Did it really happen? Did the flood really cover the whole world? Is there enough water on earth to cover all the land? Could the ark really hold two of every kind of animal in the world? Though these might be intimidating questions, the answer to each is a resounding, “Yes.”

However, this is not an apologetic article, but rather a devotional one. So the concern is not to answer all the arguments of the critic, but to satisfy the thirstiness of the soul. Yes, what I am trying do here is to put faith in proper perspective without denying the intellectual discussion of the said issue, but like what I’ve said before, the focus will be the former not the latter.

Meanwhile, using the glasses of Naturalism, that is, nature all there is, will only lead you to dismay. Even Science, unaccompanied with faith, will not only lead you to dismay, but to disbelief. Like for instance, the question of where did all the water go cannot be accounted to Science alo500-NoahRainbowne. That will lead us to believe to God’s special intervention at points in the flood events (cf. Gen. 8:1). The Bible says, the Lord “caused a wind to pass over the earth” (8:1).

This tells me something about life. Most of the times the thirstiness of our soul can only be quenched by believing—even if we don’t understand. This is not a wishful thinking or a blind faith, for it is grounded in the person, deeds, promises and nature of Jesus Christ. When you are facing the mountain of desperation—Jesus is at the top. When your outlook in life is getting dark—Jesus is always on time. When the shadow of doubt is starting to creep in—Jesus is your assurance. Scott Brown, in his song, puts it in this way “When answers aren’t enough, there is Jesus. He is more than just an answer to your prayer and your heart will find a safe and peaceful refuge. When answers aren’t enough, He is there.”

Remember, Noah might have faced the same dilemma like yours, but He continued His journey. “He did everything that God had commanded him (6:1).”

Stay connected to Jesus. There will be always a rainbow after the rain. We have just first to believe.






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