Soul Delights: Genesis 1:1-31

What day you are in now?

by Jaymark Molo

Read: Genesis 1:1-31

Genesis 1:2: “The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters…”

Is your life like a soup of nothingness, a bottomless emptiness, or an inky blackness? Is your life is in turmoil now? Are you havingcreation-hands emotional breakdown? Maybe because you haven’t enrolled yet while seeing others effortlessly get in. Or maybe you are in debt.

Whatever the case maybe, I want you to consider first what day you are in. Because you might be in only ‘day one’ of your walk with God and yet you are expecting it to be bountiful like in day in ‘day three’. Or you might be looking for a lifetime partner and yet you are still in ‘day five’ and ‘day six’ still in the future for you.

Yes, patiently wait for God to say “…it was so good, so very good into your life (cf. 1:31)! After all, if your life is in nothingness–Jesus is the Life that can give your life a meaning; if your life is in emptiness –He is the Living Water that can quench the thirstiness of your soul; if your life is in darkness–He is the Light that can guide you feet!

Will you ask God to give you strength today to wait?


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