The Intimate Relationship of 2300 Prophetic Days and the Content of 70 Weeks

The Intimate Relationship of 2300 Prophetic Days and the Content of 70 Weeks

by Jaymark Molo

(a) Daniel 8:16 – Gabriel was told to explain the vision of Daniel 8:1-14.

NOTE: His explanation of the vision recorded in Daniel 8 was not concluded at the end of the chapter.

(b) Daniel 8:17-25 – Gabriel explained all but the 2300 days.

(c) Daniel 8:26,27 – Daniel did not understand the “vision of the evening and the morning” (the 2300 days), though it astonished him.

NOTE: The word “vision” was translated in the Hebrew word as “Mar’eh”.

(d) Daniel 9:1-20 – Twelve years later Daniel was engaged in earnest prayer and Bible study.

NOTE: In response to the prophet’s prayer, he returned to provide more information.

(e) Daniel 9:21 Gabriel, the messenger of the previous vision, returned.

(f) Daniel 9:22 Gabriel said he would give Daniel understanding.

NOTE: No vision is recorded in chapter 9.

(g) Daniel 9:23 Gabriel reminded Daniel of the previous vision. This must have been the vision of Daniel 8, for there is no record of any other prior appearance of Gabriel.

NOTE: Daniel uses several key terms used in both chapter 8 and 9:23-27. One of them is mar’eh, “vision, appearance.” Gabriel came to explain to Daniel the mar’eh (Dan. 9:23). Mar’eh is the same term used in Daniel 8:26 to designate the “vision” dealing with the time period of the 2300 years. Interestingly, the part of the vision (chazôn) in Daniel 8 that the prophet did not understand was the one dealing with the 2300 years, which he calls the mar’eh (verse 27).

(h) Daniel 9:24 – Gabriel’s explanation was clearly of a time prophecy.


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